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Chamber music coaching

Chamber Music Coaching

If you have a chamber music group and would like some coaching to help prepare repertoire, work towards a performance or perhaps get ready for a summer music festival please get in touch with any questions via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Vanessa Mae- an unlikely contender for the Olympics?

Vanessa Mae as an Olympic skier? Click here to find out more...

Hardanger Fiddle

A much overdue article looking at the stunningly beautiful Norwegian Hardanger fiddle- which can be seen here!

10 things to know about vibrato!

A really interesting bit of advice on vibrato from The Strad can be found here.

Free metronome

Looking for a metronome? For an easy to use (and free!) metronome go to this website:

Titanic violin

The astonishing auction of the violin owned by the Titanic band leader Wallace Hartley. Click here for the full report.

Violin strings

How do we pick the right violin strings? Here is a brilliant guide to help you with a difficult choice!

The great violinists

Our series of videos of the Great Violinists continues with the wonderful American violinist Michael Rabin (1936-1972). Click hear to see this clip.

Ilona Feher- a wonderful violin teacher

A must see documentary of the legendary violin teacher Ilona Feher- found here.

Stradivari exhibition

A wonderful exhibition of Stradivari's finest violins is currently at the Ashmoleon Museum, Oxford.  Read more here.

Musicians seat wedge

Getting back problems in orchestra? Need more help with posture? Have a look at our latest recommendation here.

Amateur Orchestras

Want to join a local orchestra but need more information? Have a look at this brilliant website 'Amateur Orchestras' which lists all the local orchestras by area:

Heifetz video

Rare footage of the astonishing Jascha Heifetz, a must see video for all violinists! Have a look  here.


Menuhin's guide to the violin

A wonderful video from the great Yehudi Menuhin -can be found here.

Practise tips from Sevcik

A letter written by the great Czech violinist Sevcik the 1912 issue of The Strad with some useful practise tips!Click here to have a look.

Airline victory for musicians

Reported in the Telegraph, read the full article here.

The Art of Practising

Click here for our quote on the art of practising from the great violin pedagogue Leopold Auer.

Violin Strings

If you're having problems finding a suitable (and inexpensive!) set of violin strings you may find the following guide rather helpful, click here for the link.

Eurostar instruments policy

A shocking new policy is in place to charge for instruments to be allowed on more here.

Our violin teachers

To find out more about our highly experienced bristol violin teachers please click here


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